Basic Operations and APIs

HuTime is a JavaScript-based application that allows you to specify which data is shown in HuTime and to control the design and operations, using the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) available to the public. This manual provides an overview of the basic operations of HuTime, and the basic structure of the APIs and how to use them. If you want to get quick access to information on practical use of the application, you can also see and use the sample codes of the timeline layer and chart layer to implement necessary functions.

HuTime Example: Temperatures in Kyoto (top row); Typhoons and Pacific hurricanes (bottom row)

Update Information


  • HuTime (including its Web APIs, the same applies hereinafter) is available for free. When you use it, please include the statement of using HuTime in your Web site, publications, and others.
  • HuTime specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Individuals and organizations that were involved in the development of HuTime disclaim any liability for any damages and any other obligations caused by use of HuTime.